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I thought about putting the Toronto Blue Jays on here, but they suck too.  The Leafs? Well they're worthy of being back on here, just not now because...yeah, I'm lazy.  The Raptors, well they could be on here too since they had a good improved year.  The Toronto Rock? You bet they'll be here, you can't leave out a champion team now can you? Incase you have no idea who they are, they're the 2 time (1999 & 2000) National Lacross League Champions.  A nice feat considering it was their first two years here in Toronto and they put up a league record 6-0 win/loss record at home in Maple Leaf Gardens their first year, first team to win all home games (they only lost 2 all year long).  And how can you argue with 13,000 fans per game at MLG? I say, "Go Rock Go!".

And finally, I gotta have something on fishing!! hehe.  I know millions of you out there love that sport and I've been begged by so many people to have something on it.  So fear not, you'll all get to learn about bass and trout and rainbow and pike and salmon and catfish and...well you get the idea.  Now all you have to do is head on up to Lake Couchiching in Orillia, that's the Georgian Bay area if you didn't know.

The Great Wayne Gretzky Retires


Wayne Gretzky "The Great One"

Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player ever, retires on April 18, 1999.

Since my sport of preference is hockey, I thought I would share some info on the trophies awarded.  In my opinion, they are the best looking trophies in all of sport.

The Stanley Cup: Oldest trophy in North America, donated by Lord Stanley of Preston (Sir Frederick Arthur) in 1892 and was to to be presented to "the championship hockey club of the Dominion of Canada" and is now awarded toStanley Cup the team that wins the NHL championship.
He purchased the trophy for $50 Canadian at the time and, over a hundred years later, is priceless.  It is the only Championship trophy that inscribes every member of the winning team.  To make room for newer bands, older ones are removed and are kept on display in the Hockey Hall of Fame, located in Toronto, ON.

Previous Winners:  Montreal Canadians- 24 times; Toronto Maple Leafs- 11 times; Ottawa Senetors/Silver Seven- 10 times; Detroit Red Wings- 9 times; Edmonton Oilers- 5 times; Boston Bruins- 5 times; New York Islanders- 4 times; New York Rangers- 4 times; Montreal Wanderers- 4 times; Montreal Victorias- 4 times; Montreal AAA- 4 times; Winnipeg Victorias- 3 times; Montreal Shamrocks- 2 times; Philadelphia Flyers- 2 times; New Jersey Devils- 2 times; Quebec Bulldogs- 2 times; Montreal Maroons- 2 times; Chicago Blackhawks- 2 times; Pittsburgh Penguins- 2 times; Calgary Flames- once; Colorado Avalanche- once; Dallas Stars- once; Toronto St. Pats- once; Toronto Arenas- once; Toronto Bulldogs- once; Kenora Thistles- once; Vancouver Millionaires- once; Seattle Metropolitians- once; Victoria Cougars- once; no champion in 1918-1919 due to WWI

Current Champions:  New Jersey Devils- 1999/2000

Conn Smythe Trophy: Awarded to the most valuable player of the NHL playoffs at the conclusion of the finals.
It was first presented by Maple Leaf Gardens Limited in 1964 to honor Conn Smythe, the former coach, manager, Conn Smythe Trophypresident and owner-governor of Toronto Maple Leafs.  As you can see by the trophy itself, it has Maple Leaf Gardens in front of a large maple leaf.  One of my personal favourite trophies.

Previous Winners:  Scott Stevens (New Jersey Devils)- 1999/2000; Joe Nieuwendyk (Dallas Stars)- 1998/99; Steve Yzerman (Detroit Red Wings)- 1997/98; Mike Vernon (Detroit Red Wings)- 1996/97; Joe Sakic (Colorado Avalanche)- 1995/96; Claude Lemieux (New Jersey Devils)- 1994/95; Brian Leetch (New York Rangers)- 1993/94; Patrick Roy (Montreal Canadiens)- 1992/93 & 1995/96; Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1991/92 & 1990/91; Bill Ranford (Edmonton Oilers)- 1989/90; Al MacInnis (Calgary Flames)- 1988/89; Wayne Gretzky (Edmonton Oilers)- 1987/88 & 1994/95; Ron Hextall (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1986/87; Mark Messier (Edmonton Oilers)- 1983/84; Billy Smith (New York Islanders )- 1982/83; Mike Bossy (New York Islanders)- 1981/82; Butch Goring (New York Islanders)- 1980/81; Brian Trottier (New York Islanders)- 1979/80; Bob Gainey (Montreal Canadiens)- 1978/79; Larry Robinson (Montreal Canadiens)- 1977/78; Guy Lafleur (Montreal Canadiens)- 1976/77; Reggie Leach (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1975/76; Bernie Parent (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1974/75 & 1973/74;  Yvan Cournoyer (Montreal Canadiens)- 1972/73; Bobby Orr (Boston Bruins)- 1971/72 & 1969/70; Ken Dryden (Montreal Canadiens)- 1970/71; Serge Savard (Montreal Canadiens)- 1968/69; Glenn Hall (St. Louis Blues)- 1967/68; Dave Keon (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1966/67; Roger Crozier (Detroit Red Wings)- 1965/66; Jean Beliveau (Montreal Canadiens)- 1964/65

Current Winner:  Scott Stevens (New Jersey Devils)- 1999/2000

Hart Memorial Trophy:  Awarded to the player who is judged to be the most valuable to his team.
This award was first presented in 1960, after the original Hart trophy was retired to the Hockey Hall of Fame.  The Hart Trophyoriginal trophy was donated in 1923 by Dr. David A. Hart, father of Cecil Hart, former manager-coach of the Montreal Canadiens.

Previous Winners:  Chris Pronger (St. Louis Blues)- 1999/2000; Jaromir Jagr (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1998/99; Dominik Hasek (Buffalo Sabres)-1997/98 & 1996/97; Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1995/96, 1992/93 & 1987/88; Eric Lindros (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1994/95; Sergei Federov (Detroit Red Wings)- 1993/94; Mark Messier (New York Rangers)- 1991/92 & (Edmonton Oilers)- 1989/90; Brett Hull (St. Louis Blues)- 1990/91; Wayne Gretzky (Edmonton Oilers)- 1988/89, 1986/87, 1985/86, 1984/85, 1983/84, 1982/83, 1981/82, 1980/81 & 1979/80; Brian Trottier (New York Islanders)- 1978/79; Guy Lafleur (Montreal Canadiens)- 1977/78 & 1976/77; Bobby Clarke (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1975/76, 1974/75 & 1972/73; Phil Esposito (Boston Bruins)- 1973/74 & 1968/69; Bobby Orr (Boston Bruins)- 1971/72, 1970/71 & 1969/70; Stan Kikita (Blackhawks)- 1967/68 & 1966/67; Bobby Hull (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1965/66 & 1964/65; Jean Beliveau (Montreal Canadiens)- 1963/64 & 1955/56; Gordie Howe (Detroit Red Wings)- 1962/63, 1959/60, 1957/58, 1956/57, 1952/53 & 1951/52; Jacques Plante (Montreal Canadiens)- 1961/62; Bernie Geoffrion (Montreal Canadiens)- 1960/61; Andy Bathgate (New York Rangers)- 1958/59; Ted Kennedy (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1954/55; Al Rollins (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1953/54; Milt Schmidt (Boston Bruins)- 1950/51; Chuck Rayner (New York Rangers)- 1949/50; Sid Abel (Detroit Red Wings)- 1948/49; Buddy O'Connor (New York Rangers)- 1947/48; Maurice Richard (Montreal Canadiens)- 1946/47; Max Bentley (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1945/46; Elmer Lach (Montreal Canadiens)- 1944/45; Babe Pratt (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1943/44; Bill Cowley (Boston Bruins)- 1942/43 & 1940/41; Tom Anderson (New York Americans)- 1941/42; Ebbie Goodfellow (Detroit Red Wings)- 1939/40; Toe Blake (Montreal Canadiens)- 1938/39; Eddie Shore (Boston Bruins)- 1937/38, 1935/36, 1934/35 & 1932/33; Babe Siebert (Montreal Canadiens)- 1936/37; Aurel Joliat (Montreal Canadiens)- 1933/34; Howie Morenz (Montreal Canadiens)- 1931/32, 1930/31 & 1927/28; Nels Stewart (Montreal Maroons)- 1929/30 & 1925/26; Roy Worters (New York Americans)- 1928/29; Herb Gardiner (Montreal Canadiens)- 1926/27; Billy Burch (Hamilton Tigers)- 1924/25; Frank Nighbor (Ottawa Senators)- 1923/24

Current Winner:  Chris Pronger (St. Louis Blues)- 1999/2000

Vezina Trophy: Awarded to the goaltender viewed as the best in the league.
This trophy was first awarded in 1927/28 in memory of Georges Vezina, an outstanding goaltender of the Montreal Vezina TrophyCanadiens, who collapsed during an NHL game November 28, 1925, and died of tuberculosis a few months later.  Up until the 1981-82 season, the goaltender(s) of the team allowing the fewest number of goals during the regular season were awarded the Vezina Trophy.

Previous Winners:  Olaf Kolzig (Washington Capitals)- 1999/2000; Dominik Hasek (Buffalo Sabres)- 1998/99, 1997/98, 1996/97, 1994/95 & 1993/94; Jim Carey (Washington Capitals)- 1995/96; Ed Belfour (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1992/93 & 1990/91; Patrick Roy (Montreal Canadiens)- 1991/92, 1989/90 & 1988/89; Grant Fuhr (Edmonton Oilers)- 1987/88; Ron Hextall (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1986/87; John Vanbiesbrouch (New York Rangers)- 1985/86; Pelle Lindbergh (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1984/85; Tom Barasso (Buffalo Sabres)- 1983/84; Pete Peeters (Boston Bruins)- 1982/83; Billy Smith (New York Islanders)- 1981/82; Denis Herron, Michel Larocque & Richard Sevigny (Montreal Canadiens)- 1980/81; Don Edwards & Bob Sauve (Buffalo Sabres)- 1979/80; Ken Dryden & Michel Larocque (Montreal Canadiens)- 1978/79, 1977/78 & 1976/77; Ken Dryden (Montreal Canadiens)- 1975/76 & 1972/73; Bernie Parent (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1974/75; Tony Esposito & Bernie Parent (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1973/74; Tony Esposito & Gary Smith (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1971/72; Eddie Giacomin & Gilles Villemure (New York Rangers)- 1970/71; Tony Esposito (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1969/70; Glenn Hall & Jacques Plante (St. Louis Blues)- 1968/69; Rogatien Vachon & Gump Worsley (Montreal Canadiens)- 1967/68; Denis Dejordy & Glenn Hall (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1966/67; Charlie Hodge & Gump Worsley (Montreal Canadiens)- 1965/66; Johnny Bower & Terry Sawchuk (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1964/65; Charlie Hodge (Montreal Canadiens)- 1963/64; Glenn Hall (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1962/63; Jacques Plante (Montreal Canadiens)- 1961/62, 1959/60, 1958/59, 1957/58, 1956/57& 1955/56; Johnny Bower (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1960/61; Terry Sawchuk (Detroit Red Wings)- 1954/55, 1952/53 & 1951/52; Harry Lumley (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1953/54;  Al Rollins (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1950/51; Bill Durnan (Montreal Canadiens)- 1949/50, 1948/49, 1946/47, 1945/46, 1944/45 & 1943/44; Turn Broda (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1947/48 & 1940/41; Johnny Mowers (Detroit Red Wings)- 1942/43; Frank Brimsek (Boston Bruins)- 1941/42 & 1938/39; David Kerr (New York Rangers)- 1939/40; Tiny Thompson (Boston Bruins)- 1937/38, 1935/36, 1932/33 & 1929/30; Normie Smith (Detroit Red Wings)- 1936/37; Lorne Chabot (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1934/35; Chuck Gardnier (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1933/34 & 1931/32; Roy Worters (New York Americans)- 1930/31; George Hainsworth (Montreal Canadiens)- 1928/29, 1927/28 & 1926/27

Current Winner:  Olaf Kolzig (Washington Capitals)- 1999/2000

James Norris Memorial Trophy:  Awarded to the player who demonstrates, throughout the season, the best all-round ability at the position of defence.Norris Trophy
This trophy was first awarded in 1953 in memory of the former owner-president of Detroit Red Wings, James Norris.

Previous Winners:  Chris Pronger (St. Louis Blues)- 1999/2000; Al MacInnis (St. Louis Blues)- 1998/99; Rob Blake (Los Angeles Kings)- 1997/98; Brian Leetch (New York Rangers)- 1996/97 & 1991/92; Chris Chelios (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1995/96, 1992/93 & (Montreal Canadiens)- 1988/89; Paul Coffey (Detroit Red Wings)- 1994/95, (Edmonton Oilers)- 1985/86 & 1984/85; Ray Bourque (Boston Bruins)- 1993/94, 1990/91, 1989/90, 1987/88 & 1986/87; Rod Langway (Washington Capitals)- 1983/84 & 1982/83; Doug Wilson (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1981/82; Randy Carlyle (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1980/81; Larry Robinson (Montreal Canadiens)- 1979/80 & 1976/77; Denis Potvin (New York Islanders)- 1978/79, 1977/78 & 1975/76; Bobby Orr (Boston Bruins)- 1974/75, 1973/74, 1972/73, 1971/72, 1970/71, 1969/70, 1968/69 & 1967/68; Harry Howell (New York Rangers)- 1966/67; Jacques Laperriere (Montreal Canadiens)- 1965/66; Pierre Pilote (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1964/65, 1963/64 & 1962/63; Doug Harvey (New York Rangers)- 1961/62, 1960/61, 1959/60, 1957/58, 1956/57, 1955/56 & 1954/55; Tom Johnson (Montreal Canadiens)- 1958/59; Red Kelly (Detroit Red Wings)- 1953/54

Current Winner:  Chris Pronger (St. Louis Blues)- 1999/2000

Art Ross Trophy:  Awarded to the player that leads the league in scoring after the regular season.
This trophy was donated to the league in 1947 by former manager-coach of Boston Bruins, Arthur Howie Ross, however the award had been presented since 1917.  If two players finish the regular season with the same number of points, the Art Ross Trophytrophy is awarded in the following manner: 1- Player with most goals; 2- Player with fewer games played; 3- Player scoring first goal of the season.

Previous Winners:  Jaromir Jagr (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1999/2000, 1998/99, 1997/98 & 1994/95; Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1996/97, 1995/96, 1992/93, 1991/92, 1988/89 & 1987/88; Wayne Gretzky (Los Angeles Kings)- 1993/94, 1990/91, 1989/90, (Edmonton Oilers)- 1986/87, 1985/86, 1984/85, 1983/84, 1982/83, 1981/82 & 1980/81; Marcel Dionne (Los Angeles Kings)- 1979/80; Brian Trottier (New York Islanders)- 1978/79; Guy Lafleur (Montreal Canadiens)- 1977/78, 1976/77 & 1975/76; Bobby Orr (Boston Bruins)- 1974/75 & 1969/70; Phil Esposito (Boston Bruins)- 1973/74, 1972/73, 1971/72, 1970/71 & 1968/69; Stan Mikita (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1967/68, 1966/67, 1964/65 & 1963/64; Bobby Hull (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1965/66, 1961/62, 1959/60; Gordie Howe (Detroit Red Wings)- 1962/63, 1956/57, 1953/54, 1953/53, 1951/52 & 1950/51; Bernie Geoffrion (Montreal Canadiens)- 1960/61 & 1954/55; Dickie Moore (Montreal Canadiens)- 1958/59 & 1957/58; Jean Beliveau (Montreal Canadiens)- 1955/56; Ted Lindsay (Detroit Red Wings)- 1949/50; Roy Conacher (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1948/49; Elmer Lach (Montreal Canadiens)- 1947/48 & 1944/45; Max Bentley (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1946/47 & 1945/46; Herbie Cain (Boston Bruins)- 1943/44; Doug Bentley (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1942/43; Bryan Hextall (New York Rangers)- 1941/42; Bill Cowley (Boston Bruins)- 1940/41; Milt Schmidt (Boston Bruins)- 1939/40; Toe Blake (Montreal Canadiens)- 1938/39; Gordie Drillon (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1937/38; Sweeney Schriner (New York Americans)- 1936/37 & 1935/36; Charlie Conacher (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1934/35 & 1933/34; Bill Cook (New York Rangers)- 1932/33 & 1926/27; Busher Jackson (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1931/32; Howie Morenz (Montreal Canadiens)- 1930/31 & 1927/28; Cooney Weiland (Boston Bruins)- 1929/30; Ace Bailey (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1928/29; Nels Stewart (Montreal Maroons)- 1925/26; Babe Dye (Toronto St. Pats)- 1924/25 & 1922/23; Cy Denneny (Ottawa Senators)- 1923/24; Punch Broadbent (Ottawa Senators)- 1921/22; Newsy Lalonde (Montreal Canadiens)- 1920/21 & 1918/19; Joe Malone (Quebec Bulldogs)- 1919/20 & (Montreal Canadiens)- 1917/18

Calder Memorial Trophy:  Awarded to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the NHL.
From 1936-37 until his death in 1943, Frank Calder, then NHL President, bought a trophy annually to be given Calder Trophypermanently to the outstanding rookie.  After Calder's death, the NHL created the Calder Memorial Trophy in his memory and continue to present it to it's outstanding rookie in it's annual awards ceremony.
To be eligible for the award, a player cannot have played more than 25 games in any single preceding season, nor in six or more games in each of any two preceding seasons in any major professional league.  Beginning in 1990-91, to be eligible for this award, a player must not have attained his 26th birthday by September 15th of the season in which he is eligible.

Previous Winners:  Scott Gomez (New Jersey Devils)- 1999/2000; Chris Drury (Colorado Avalanche)- 1998/99; Sergei Samsonov (Boston Bruins)- 1997/98; Bryan Berard (New York Islanders)- 1996/97; Daniel Alfredsson (Ottawa Senators)- 1995/96; Peter Forsberg (Quebec Nordiques)- 1994/95; Martin Brodeur (New Jersey Devils)- 1993/94; Teemu Selanne (Winnipeg Jets)- 1992/93; Pavel Bure (Vancouver Canucks)- 1991/92; Ed Belfour (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1990/91; Sergei Makarov (Calgary Flames)- 1989/90; Brian Leetch (New York Rangers)- 1988/89; Joe Niewendyk (Calgary Flames)- 1987/88; Luc Robitaille (Los Angeles Kings)- 1986/87; Gary Suter (Calgary Flames)- 1985/86; Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1984/85; Tom Barrasso (Buffalo Sabres)- 1983/84; Steve Larmer (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1982/83; Dale Hawerchuk (Winnipeg Jets)- 1981/82; : Peter Stastny (Quebec Nordiques)- 1980/81; Ray Bourque (Boston Bruins)- 1979/80; Bobby Smith (Minnesota North Stars)- 1978/79; Mike Bossy (New York Islanders)- 1977/78; Willi Plett (Atlanta Flames)- 1976/77; Bryan Trottier (New York Islanders)- 1975/76; Eric Vail (Atlanta Flames)- 1974/75; Denis Potvin (New York Islanders)- 1973/74; Steve Vickers (New York Rangers)- 1972/73; Ken Dryden (Montreal Canadiens)- 1971/72; Gilbert Perreault (Buffalo Sabres)- 1970/71; Tony Esposito (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1969/70; Danny Grant (Minnesota North Stars)- 1968/69; Derek Sanderson (Boston Bruins)- 1967/68; Bobby Orr (Boston Bruins)- 1966/67; Brit Selby (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1965/66; Roger Crozier (Detroit Red Wings)- 1964/65; Jacques Laperriere (Montreal Canadiens)- 1963/64; Kent Douglas (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1962/63; Bobby Rousseau (Montreal Canadiens)- 1961/62; Dave Keon (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1960/61; Bill Hay (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1959/60; Ralph Backstrom (Montreal Canadiens)- 1958/59; Frank Mahovlich (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1957/58; Larry Regan (Boston Bruins)- 1956/57; Glenn Hall (Detroit Red Wings)- 1955/56; Ed Litzenberger (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1954/55; Camille Henry (New York Rangers)- 1953/54; Gump Worsley (New York Rangers)- 1952/53; Bernie Geoffrion (Montreal Canadiens)- 1951/52; Terry Sawchuk (Detroit Red Wings)- 1950/51; Jack Gelineau (1Boston Bruins)- 1949/50; Pentti Lund (New York Rangers)- 1948/49; Jim McFadden (Detroit Red Wings)- 1947/48; Howie Meeker (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1946/47; Edgar Laprade (New York Rangers)- 1945/46; Frank McCool (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1944/45; Gus Bodnar (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1943/44; Gaye Stewart (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1942/43; Grant Warwick (New York Rangers)- 1941/42; Johnny Quilty (Montreal Canadiens)- 1940/41; Kilby MacDonald (New York Rangers)- 1939/40; Frank Brimsek (Boston Bruins)- 1938/39; Cully Dahlstrom (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1937/38; Syl Apps (Toronto Maple Leafs )- 1936/37; Kike Karakas (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1935/36; Sweeney Schriner (New York Americans)- 1934/35; Russ Blinko (Montreal Maroons)- 1933/34; Carl Voss (Detroit Red Wings)- 1932/33

Current Winner:  Scott Gomez (New Jersey Devils)- 1999/2000

Jack Adams Award:  Awarded to the NHL coach judged to have contributed the most to his team's success.
This award was first presented in 1974 in memory of Jack Adams, coach and general manager of the Detroit Red Wings.Jack Adams Trophy

Previous Winners:  Joel Quenneville (St. Louis Blues)- 1999/2000; Jacques Martin (Ottawa Senators)- 1998/99; Pat Burns (Boston Bruins)- 1997/98, (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1992/93 & (Montreal Canadiens)- 1988/89; Ted Nolan (Buffalo Sabres)- 1996/97; Scotty Bowman (Detroit Red Wings)- 1995/96 & (Montreal Canadians)- 1976/77; Marc Crawford (Quebec Nordiques)- 1994/95; Jacques Lemaire (New Jersey Devils)- 1993/94; Pat Quinn (Vancouver Canucks)- 1991/92 & 1979/80; Brian Sutter (St. Louis Blues)- 1990/91; Bob Murdoch (Winnipeg Jets)- 1989/90; Jacques Demers (Detroit Red Wings)- 1987/88 & 1986/87; Glen Sather (Edmonton Oilers)- 1985/86; Mike Keenan (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1984/85; Bryan Murray (Washington Capitals)- 1983/84; Orval Tessier (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1982/83; Tom Watt (Winnipeg Jets)- 1981/82; Red Berenson (St. Louis Blues)- 1980/81; Al Arbour (New York Islanders)- 1978/79; Bobby Kromm (Detroit Red Wings)- 1977/78; Don Cherry (Boston Bruins)- 1975/76; Bob Pulford (Los Angeles Kings)- 1974/75; Fred Shero (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1973/74

Current Winner:  Joel Quenneville (St. Louis Blues)- 1999/2000

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy:  Awarded to the player deemed to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct, combined with a high standard of playing ability.Lady Byng Trophy
Lady Byng, wife of Canada's Governor-General at the time, presented the Lady Byng Trophy in 1925.  After Frank Boucher of New York Rangers won the award seven times in eight seasons, he was given the trophy to keep and Lady Byng donated another trophy in 1936.  When Lady Byng died in 1949, the NHL presented a new trophy, changing the name to the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy.

Previous Winners:  Pavol Demitra (St. Louis Blues)- 1999/2000; Wayne Gretzky (New York Rangers)- 1998/99, (Los Angeles Kings)- 1993/94, 1991/92, 1990/91 & (Edmonton Oilers)- 1979/80; Ron Francis (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1997/98 & 1994/95; Paul Kariya (Anaheim Mighty Duck)- 1996/97 & 1995/96; Pierre Turgeon (New York Islanders)- 1992/93; Brett Hull (St. Louis Blues)- 1989/90; Joe Mullen (Calgary Flames)- 1988/89 & (Calgary Flames)- 1986/87; Mats Naslund (Montreal Canadiens)- 1987/88; Mike Bossy (New York Islanders)- 1985/86, 1983/84 & 1982/83; Jari Kurri (Edmonton Oilers)- 1984/85; Rick Middleton (Boston Bruins)- 1981/82; Rick Kehoe (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1980/81; Bob MacMillan (Atlanta Flames)- 1978/79; Butch Goring (Los Angeles Kings)- 1977/78; Marcel Dionne (Los Angeles Kings)- 1976/77 & 1974/75; Jean Ratelle (Boston Bruins)- 1975/76; John Bucyk (Boston Bruins)- 1973/74 & 1970/71; Gilbert Perreault (Buffalo Sabres)- 1972/73; Jean Ratelle (New York Rangers)- 1971/72; Phil Goyette (St. Louis Blues)- 1969/70; Alex Delvecchio (Detroit Red Wings)- 1968/69, 1965/66 & 1958/59; Stan Mikita (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1967/68 & 1966/67; Bobby Hull (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1964/65; Ken Wharram (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1963/64; Dave Keon (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1962/63 & 1961/62; Red Kelly (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1960/61, (Detroit Red Wings)- 1953/54, 1952/53 & 1950/51; Don McKenney (Boston Bruins)- 1959/60; Camille Henry (New York Rangers )- 1957/58; Andy Hebenton (New York Rangers)- 1956/57; Earl Reibel (Detroit Red Wings)- 1955/56; Sid Smith (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1954/55 & 1951/52; Edgar Laprade (New York Rangers)- 1949/50; Bill Quackenbush (Detroit Red Wings)- 1948/49; Buddy O'Connor (New York Rangers)- 1947/48; Bobby Bauer (Boston Bruins)- 1946/47, 1940/41 & 1939/40; Toe Blake (Montreal Canadiens)- 1945/46; Bill Mosienko (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1944/45; Clint Smith (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1943/44 & 1938/39; Max Bentley (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1942/43; Syl Apps (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1941/42; Gordie Drillon (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1937/38; Marty Barry (Detroit Red Wings)- 1936/37; Doc Romnes (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1935/36; Frank Boucher (New York Rangers)- 1934/35, 1933/34, 1932/33, 1930/31, 1929/30, 1928/29 & 1927/28; Joe Primeau (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1931/32; Billy Burch (New York Americans)- 1926/27; Frank Nighbor (Ottawa Senators)- 1925/26 & 1924/25

Current Winner:  Pavol Demitra (St. Louis Blues)- 1999/2000

William M. Jennings Award:  Awarded to the goaltender(s) having played a minimum of 25 games for the team with the fewest goals scored against it.Jennings Trophy
This trophy was first awarded in 1981/82 to honour the late William M. Jennings, longtime governor and President of the New York Rangers.

Previous Winners:  Roman Turek (St. Louis Blues)- 1999/2000; Ed Belfour & Roman Turek (Dallas Stars)- 1998/99; Martin Brodeur (New Jersey Devils)- 1997/98; Martin Brodeur & Mike Dunham (New Jersey Devils)- 1996/97; Chris Osgood & Mike Vernon (Detroit Red Wings)- 1995/96; Ed Belfour (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1994/95, 1992/93 & 1990/91; Grant Fuhr & Dominik Hasek (Buffalo Sabres)- 1993/94; Patrick Roy (Montreal Canadiens)- 1991/92; Rejean Lemelin & Andy Moog (Boston Bruins)- 1989/90; Brian Hayward & Patrick Roy (Montreal Canadiens)- 1988/89, 1987/88 & 1986/87; Bob Froese & Darren Jensen (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1985/86; Tom Barasso & Bob Sauve (Buffalo Sabres)- 1984/85; Al Jensen & Pat Riggin (Washington Capitals)- 1983/84; Roland Melanson & Billy Smith (New York Islanders)- 1982/83; Denis Herron & Rick Wamsley (Montreal Canadiens)- 1981/82

Current Winner:  Roman Turek (St. Louis Blues)- 1999/2000

Frank J. Selke Trophy:  Awarded to the forward who best excels in the defensive aspects of the game.
This trophy was first presented in 1977 in honour of Frank J. Selke, one of the game's great architects of past NHL championship teams.Selke Trophy

Previous Winners:  Steve Yzerman (Detroit Red Wings)- 1999/2000; Jere Lehtinen (Dallas Stars)- 1998/99 & 1997/98; Michael Peca (Buffalo Sabres)- 1996/97; Sergei Federov (Detroit Red Wings)- 1995/96 & 1993/94; Ron Francis (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1994/95; Doug Gilmour (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1992/93; Guy Carbonneau (Montreal Canadiens)- 1991/92, 1988/89 & 1987/88; Dirk Graham (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1990/91; Rick Meagher (St. Louis Blues)- 1989/90; Dave Poulin (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1986/87; Troy Murray (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1985/86; Craig Ramsay (Buffalo Sabres)- 1984/85; Doug Jarvis (Washington Capitals)- 1983/84; Bobby Clarke (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1982/83; Steve Kasper (Boston Bruins)- 1981/82; Bob Gainey (Montreal Canadiens)- 1980/81, 1979/80, 1978/79 & 1977/78

Current Winner:  Steve Yzerman (Detroit Red Wings)- 1999/2000

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy:  Awarded to the NHL player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey.
The trophy was first presented in 1968, to commemorate the late William Masterton, a player of the Minnesota North Masterton TrophyStars who exhibited, to a high degree, the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey, but passed on January 15, 1968.

Previous Winners:  Ken Daneyko (New Jersey Devils)- 1999/2000; John Cullen (Tampa Bay Lightning)- 1998/99; Jamie McLennan (St. Louis Blues )- 1997/98; Tony Granato (San Jose Sharks)- 1996/97; Gary Roberts (Calgary Flames)- 1995/96; Pat LaFontaine (Buffalo Sabres)- 1994/95; Cam Neely (Boston Bruins)- 1993/94; Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1992/93; Mark Fitzpatrick (New York Islanders)- 1991/92; Dave Taylor (Los Angeles Kings)- 1990/91; Gord Kluzak (Boston Bruins)- 1989/90; Tim Kerr (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1988/89; Bob Bourne (Los Angeles Kings)- 1987/88; Doug Jarvis (Hartford Whalers)- 1986/87; Charles Simmer (Boston Bruins)- 1985/86; Andres Hedberg (New York Rangers)- 1984/85; Brad Park (Detroit Red Wings)- 1983/84; Lanny McDonald (Calgary Flames)- 1982/83; Glenn Resch (Colorado Rockies)- 1981/82; Blake Dunlop (St. Louis Blues)- 1980/81; Al MacAdam (Minnesota North Stars)- 1979/80; Serge Savard (Montreal Canadiens)- 1978/79; Butch Goring (Los Angeles Kings)- 1977/78; Ed Westfall (New York Islanders)- 1976/77; Rod Gilbert (New York Rangers)- 1975/76; Don Luce (Buffalo Sabres)-1974/75; Henri Richard (Montreal Canadiens)- 1973/74; Lowell MacDonald (Pittsburgh Penguins)- 1972/73; Bobby Clarke (Philadelphia Flyers)- 1971/72; Jean Ratelle (New York Rangers)- 1970/71; Pit Martin (Chicago Blackhawks)- 1969/70; Ted Hampson (Oakland Seals)- 1968/69; Claude Provost (Montreal Canadiens)- 1967/68

Current Winner:  Ken Daneyko (New Jersey Devils)- 1999/2000

King Clancy Memorial Trophy:  Awarded to the player who best exemplifies leadership qualities on and off the ice and has made a noteworthy humanitarian contribution in his community.King Clancy Trophy
This trophy was first awarded in 1988 to honour the late Francis "King" Clancy, and his long and distinguished career in hockey as a player, official, coach, and executive.

Previous Winners:  Curtis Joseph (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1999/2000; Rob Ray (Buffalo Sabres)- 1998/99; Kelly Chase (St. Louis Blues)- 1997/98; Trevor Linden (Vancouver Canucks)- 1996/97; Kris King (Winnipeg Jets)- 1995/96; Joe Nieuwendyk (Calgary Flames)- 1994/95; Adam Graves (New York Rangers)- 1993/94; Dave Poulin (Boston Bruins- 1992/93; Ray Bourque (Boston Bruins)- 1991/92; Dave Taylor (Los Angeles Kings)- 1990/91; Kevin Lowe (Edmonton Oilers)- 1989/90; Bryan Trottier (New York Islanders)- 1988/89; Lanny McDonald (Calgary Flames)- 1987/88

Current Winner:  Curtis Joseph (Toronto Maple Leafs)- 1999/2000

Maurice Richard Trophy
Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy:  Awarded to the player finishing the regular season as the league's goal scoring leader.
This trophy, a gift to the NHL from the Montreal Canadiens in 1999, honours the great Maurice "Rocket" Richard.  The o played on eight Stanley Cup champions and led the league in goal scoring five times.

Previous Winners:  Teemu Selanne (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)- 1998/99

Presidents' Trophy:  Awarded to the NHL club finishing the regular season with the best overall record.Presidents' Trophy
This trophy was first presented in 1985/86 to recognize the team compiling the top regular-season record.

Previous Winners:  St. Louis Blues- 1999/2000; Dallas Stars- 1998/99 & 1997/98; Colorado Avalanche- 1996/97; Detroit Red Wings- 1995/96 & 1994/95; New York Rangers- 1993/94 & 1991/92; Pittsburgh Penguins- 1992/93; Chicago Blackhawks- 1990/91; Boston Bruins- 1989/90; Calgary Flames- 1988/89 & 1987/88; Edmonton Oilers- 1986/87 & 1985/86

Current Winner:  St. Louis Blues- 1999/2000

Clarence S. Campbell Bowl:  Awarded to the club that advances to the Stanley Cup Finals as the winner of the Western Conference.
This trophy was first presented in 1968 in recognition of the services of Clarence S. Campbell, president of the NHL fCampbell Bowlrom 1946 to 1977.  From the 1967/68 season through the 1973/74 season, the trophy was awarded to the regular season champions of the West Division.  Beginning in 1974/75, it was awarded to the regular-season winner of the conference bearing the name of the trophy.  From 1981/82 to 1992/93, the trophy was awarded to the playoff champion in the Campbell Conference.  Since 1993/94, the trophy has been presented to the playoff champion in the Western Conference.

Previous Winners:  Dallas Stars- 1999/2000; Dallas Stars- 1998/99; Detroit Red Wings- 1997/98, 1996/97 & 1994/95; Colorado Avalanche- 1995/96; Vancouver Canucks- 1993/94 & 1981/82; Los Angeles Kings- 1992/93; Chicago Blackhawks- 1991/92, 1972/73, 1971/72 & 1970/71; Minnesota North Stars- 1990/91; Edmonton Oilers- 1989/90, 1987/88, 1986/87, 1984/85, 1983/84 & 1982/83; Calgary Flames- 1988/89 & 1985/86; New York Islanders- 1980/81, 1978/79 & 1977/78; Philadelphia Flyers- 1979-80, 1976/77, 1975/76, 1074/75 & 1967/68; St. Louis Blues- 1969/70 & 1968/69

Current Winner:  Dallas Stars- 1999/2000

Prince of Wales Trophy:  Awarded to the club that advances to the Stanley Cup Finals as the winner of the Eastern Conference.
This trophy was donated by the Prince of Wales in 1924.  From 1927/28 through 1937/38, the award was presented to the team finishing first in the American Division of the NHL.  From 1938/39, when the NHL reverted to one division, until Prince of Wales Trophy1966/67, it was presented to the team winning the NHL regular season championship.  With expansion in 1967/68, it again became the divisional trophy, awarded to the regular-season champions of the East Division through the end of the 1973/74 season.  Beginning in 1974/75, it was awarded to the regular-season winner of the conference bearing the name of the trophy.  From 1981/82 to 1992/93 the trophy was presented to the playoff champion in the Wales Conference.  Since 1993/94, the trophy has been presented to the playoff champion in the Eastern Conference.

Previous Winners:  New Jersey Devils- 1999/2000; Buffalo Sabres- 1998/99, 1979/80 & 1974/75; Washington Capitals- 1997/98; Philadelphia Flyers- 1996/97, 1986/87 & 1984/85; Florida Panthers- 1995/96; New Jersey Devils- 1994/95; New York Rangers- 1993/94, 1941/42 & 1931/32; Montreal Canadiens- 1992/93, 1988/89, 1985/86, 1980/81, 1978/79, 1977/78, 1976/77, 1975/76, 1972/73, 1968/69, 1967/68, 1965/66, 1963/64, 1961/62, 1960/61, 1959/60, 1958/59, 1957/58, 1955/56, 1946/47, 1945/46, 1944/45, 1943/44 & 1924/25; Pittsburgh Penguins- 1991/92 & 1990-91; Boston Bruins- 1989/90, 1987/88, 1973/74, 1971/72, 1970/71, 1940/41, 1939/40, 1938/39, 1937/38, 1934/35, 1932/33, 1930/31, 1929/30, 1928/29 & 1927/28; New York Islanders- 1983/84, 1982/83 & 1981/82; Chicago Blackhawks- 1969/70 & 1966/67; Detroit Red Wings- 1964/65, 1956/57, 1954/55, 1953/54, 1952/53, 1951/52, 1949/50, 1948/49, 1942/43, 1936/37, 1935/36 & 1933/34; Toronto Maple Leafs- 1962/63 & 1947/48; Ottawa Senators- 1926/27; Montreal Maroons- 1925/26

Current Winner:  New Jersey Devils- 1999/2000