Wednesday, February 21th, 2001: It's time for my almost tri-weekly entry into this book, so here goes...I hate February!

I mean, aside from Valentine's Day, the entire month has sucked, or is it just me? Yeah, you're probably right, it's just me. But anyways, back on the main train of though I had when I began this entry, that being nothing...until now. The thing I had to say was thank God the Lindros issue is a "dead" one with the Leafs, at least for now. Bobby Clarke decided to change the rules after everything was agreed upon and Pat Quinn decided to tell him to **** off today, so I was pleased with that, not that I don't want the Big E in town, but the whole issue has been beaten to death now and I'm sick of it. Let the boys go out on the ice now and suck without having any excuses, that's what Maple Leaf hockey is all about. For those of you that aren't familiar with how things are here, let me paint you this little Stanley Cup since Cup finals appearance since then...two conference finals since of the time...well, just crap. But at least the message is clear to/about Bobby Clarke're very unprofessional in holding a press conference and throwing around profanity like it was going out of style...your own players don't want any part of your're true colours of being a world class jerk was shining like the sun. I hope this is the last time we have to hear the name 'Bobby Clarke' in these parts from now on.

OK, enough Mega Buds talk, time for other items up for debate. First topic, the Grammy's are tonight. Hmm, should I be excited? I don't know, I'll let you know in my next entry, whenever that will be. The only thing that could be interesting might be the Eminem/Elton John duet, though knowing network TV (excluding FOX), it'll be the lamest thing ever. I don't even know anyone nominated, though I'm sure the likes of Christina, Britney, BSB, *NSync and those of their ilk are nominated. I wonder if O-Town will ever get nominated...I sure hope not cuz they suck. How many other artists do you know of that would get much air play if they sang about guys dreaming about women and having a bodily function take place that wets your underwear? And I'm not referring to bladder problems? Exactly. A great big zip. But thanks to the big push by some record label that invested tons of money into them with a TV show, they get on the airwaves all over. How come no one pushed for Marilyn Manson in this way? Just something to make you go hmmmm.

Speaking of music, are we lucky up here in Canada with the show Pop Stars? Not only do we get the WB show, we also get a Canadian version involving girls from up here. So two show...twice the drama? We'll see just how good these female groups will be once they get down to making music. I don't totally agree with creating a band this way because it's all manufactured and they don't have to go through all the struggles other new groups have to go through in trying to get discovered, and the results aren't always good. Case in point...O-Town. But it does provide some sort of entertainment for tv...either that or there's nothing good on TV anymore.

In other TV news, Survivor 2 is nicely underway, but did anyone check out the other "survivor" type show currently playing on the Outdoor Life Network called Shipwrecked? It may not have the "drama" Survivor has, but it's interesting, especially when there isn't any million dollar payoff at the end of the 60-70 day stint on the island. It's purely for survival, though they do get more help than the people on Survivor.

More TV news...since you're checking out new shows, try The Lofters on the Life Network. I don't know if this shows outside of Canada since it's based on 4 females and 4 males living in apartment suite in downtown Toronto for a full year. Unlike Big Brother, these people don't have to do stupid stunts/challenges, nor be isolated from society. These people are thrown together to see how well the coexist with each other for a full year. Last night's episode dealt with a major blow up between one of the girls and one of the guys. It was based on the girl assuming the guy made out and went beyond with a girl in the same room with her as she slept. Apparently she found that disrespectful and thus the big argument, complete with swearing left and right. Being "liberal" Canada, they didn't bleep out anything unless it was the F-word. Everything else was fair game and was flying through the airwaves like Superman. For some reason, I find this fascinating. If you want to check out what's going on there, you can click on over to their website at

And what's the deal with Friends extending their show to 40 minutes? Are the executives at NBC thinking people would choose Friends over Survivor? There are those that will choose Friends but really, Friends has gone downhill to the point where I wouldn't be bothered if I missed it one...two...twelve weeks in a row. Fortunately for us up here in Canada, we get it at a different time as Survivor, but that isn't much to be joyous about.

Sounds like I've been watching a lot of TV huh? Well there's not a whole lot of incentive to go outside when it's 200 degrees below zero during the evenings. Since I'm not a boozer, going out to bars and clubs to guzzle anything that's greater than 0.5% proof isn't my thing so when I do have some time, I'll flip around the TV when there isn't anything interesting on TLC, like Trauma and Junkyard Wars.

You know what? This entry really sounds like a diary entry! What's going on here? Where's the entertainment? Oh man, I think I need a vacation to a warm spot to jump-start my batteries!

Kreature's Komedy Kave is off the air for tonight. See you next time boys and girls...don't get into trouble and don't forget to look both ways before crossing the street!