Hello...allow me to introduce myself. My name is Land...Waste Land to be exact. I'll be your host for the next few minutes. As host, it is my duty to inform you about the things you'll be encountering in a short while.
To begin with, you must have a strong stomach! If you can't handle seeing images of stars we've all love to hate, then this is not for you. But don't let that scare you off. There are no images of nudity, gore or violence. Instead, you'll find people you have forgotten existed and some others that you just can't stand seeing on the big or small screen! Some of them I don't understand the hate for, but others it's too clear.
So...having said that...feel free to go forth and dig in!

PAGE 1 Where are they now?
PAGE 2 Why do we dislike these people?
PAGE 3 Dislike me? Oh please say no!