Monday, July 19th, 1999: Another week gone, another time honoured tradition of trying to add an entry when I have no clue what to put.  Nothing happened this week, at least nothing noteworthy other than almost passing out a few times from working in such high humidity.
At least Sunday, the Molson Indy went off and it was a pretty good race with West Hill's Paul Tracy finishing 2nd...but I know you don't care about that since most of you aren't racing fans, well too bad cuz I don't care if you aren't fans!!  Become fans right now!!  Ah, who care...I'm really scraping for ideas right now.  Still haven't seen the new Britney Spears video and it's driving me crazy...what a coincidence, that's almost the song's title!

Man, I guess I could never become a writer, it's been only a couple of months since I started this and I've already hit writer's block and it's not like I spend each day trying to come up with an entry either.  How does Stephen King do it?  NOTE TO SELF: Call Stephen and set up get together over lunch to find out how he does it...Don't do like last time when you ran him over with your car and broke his legs (I hope he forgives me for it!)

One interesting thing that did come my way was an investment statement showing how much my investments have grown...yes that's right, they have GROWN!  whoo hoo!!  Who would have thought that the stock market would be so interesting, well given the fact that someone other than Bill Gates is making money.  At this rate, in 50 years I might be able to afford my very own set of earplugs...too bad I have to wait 50 years when I could use a pair right now so I don't have to hear another playing of 'Believe' by Cher or 'I Want It That Way' by you know who.  Actually I'm doing pretty good, not that anyone other than me cares.  Guess the thought of making money is such a high..hehe.

Ok, now I'm bored...well more like I've run out of noteworthy things, now it's just me rambling on about nothing in particular.  I'm usually quite good at stretching things out, other than my legs and arms and get the idea.  It's easy to write about nothing, that's no problem but when I tried doing this in high school, somehow the teachers didn't like it.  Like what's wrong with spending 2 pages writing about how Tecumseh could have used a good watch, or how he could make a mean tea using leaves found in the forest?  I thought it was very interesting, that is until I tried it myself using leaves found behind the school.  I could have used a good NOTE TO MYSELF back then, only it would have said "never use leaves you've never seen before, and don't use the ones close to the ground, especially knowing the area is frequented by dogs!!".  Sad isn't it?  I don't think anything else needs to be said about that other than Scope works rather well...ha!

So where was I...oh yes, prolonging agony...well it does come in handy, it worked rather well in English Writing class.  My stories always seemed so outrageous and long, yet you wouldn't believe how I did it sometimes.  I was such a lazy bum that I always put them off until the absolute last minute.  A few times I got up at 5:30 am just to start my essay which was due 3 1/2 hours later!  That wasn't good, yet I never learned my lesson until high school when it backfired the first time and I ended up with a below-passing mark.  But oh the memories of that...wish I could relive some of those days again...and I mean it cuz that class was so much fun!  But once speech time rolled around, boy was I terrified.  Who would have though that seeing me now but back then, I did everything to put off my turn.  The worst one was when I tried to catch a cold on purpose, or at least get a fever so I wouldn't have to go in the next day.  In the middle of the night I got up, wet my hair and my chest, went over to the window and opened it (mind you, this was in the dead of winter and the temperature outside was a balmy -20C to -30C range) and stood there letting the cold breeze blow on me until I couldn't take it anymore.  And the sad part, at the time it was sad, is that it didn't work!  I couldn't get sick when I wanted to and the times I didn't want to, it happened...just rotten luck.  I don't think I ever told anyone that and here I am letting the world in on it...I must be sick now...hehe.  And if anyone is interested, I did my speech that next day and ended up with something like a B- which wasn't bad considering I would have taken the F and moved on, which is what I did in first year high school history and it didn't help my overall mark.  I ended up having to upgrade my mark in summer school...yuck!!  Let's say I definately learned my lesson after that!!  Speeches became my friend, the kind you say hello to then never want to see for the rest of your life...ha!

Looking at this entry I realized that it's not something that really happened to me since the last entry.  It doesn't quite fit eh?  Well too bad, this is my diary and I'll write whatever I want!!  At least you're getting an entry so clam it!  hehe.  Where's the humour you ask?  Well I don't know if anyone found that little tale humourous, I hope you did because if you didn't, there's no humour coming up either!  hehe.  Maybe this is where my entry will end, then again, maybe not.  I think I'll keep going since the last few weeks were so boring, not that this entry is making up for boredom suffered previously.  It's just that I'm in one of those rare moods that was lacking the last few weeks and I just don't want to quit now because who knows when I'll be back in a writing mood again.  It makes me want to go out and get a big bowl of Guano...ummmm, ok maybe NOT!!  If anyone has ever tried Guano, let me I can tell you personally how sick you are!!  ha!  But if it had a fruity taste then...well you're still sick.

Ok, I think it's time to shuffle this off to the public domain and brace myself for the usual reaction of bottles hurled at me and insults raining down...hehe.  Until next time people.