Sunday, January 5th, 2000: Is it just me or does everyone else find it weird to write the year as 2000? Personally, we should start something new, like writing the year as "MM".  Bet you don't know what that is huh? No, it doesn't stand for "Mother******* Millennium"'s actually the Roman Numerals for 2000.  How does writing January 5th, MM sound to you? I think it's a winner! Or, even writing January V, MM looks pretty cool.

OK, I know some of you are saying, "finally, the *#*$# has finally done something new".  Well yeah, I have thought about it and I figured I'd use this extra energy I had to write a little bit...that and the fact that I've run out of excuses to delay updating.  I could have used the excuse of the Y2K bug not letting my computer boot up, but that wouldn't go over so well with those that actually know it's not true.  But what they don't realize is that I'm creating this on my older and slower computer, which doesn't have a problem but they don't know that! hehe.  NOTE TO SELF:  You just told everyone this computer doesn't have a problem, so now they won't believe you if you tell them it does...what a moron! Doh!

One thing I just have to talk about is this whole doomsday thing about the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000.  All you kept hearing are those that are taking "precautions" cuz they think the world is going to come to an end once it struck midnight on New Year's Eve.  The articles and quotes all made people sound so paranoid, so much so that they went out and bought enough water to fill tanker trailers, enough food to last them for the next century, so many generators that everyone could power up their very own SkyDome, building bunkers to hide from the world...and then coming out and saying now, "I wasn't really concerned, I knew things would turn out alright"...then they proceed to take all that stuff and try to return them.  Well guess what? How's this for a kick in the "you know what"...they're finding out that the bulk of that stuff is nonreturnable!!  All I have to say is, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good for you...I can't say that you've learned your lesson for the next time cuz I'm pretty sure we'll all be dead by then, hehe.  But I can't stop laughing when I see someone tring to bring something back and getting upset that the stores won't take them back.  Bunch of losers.

Next order of business...what to talk about! Even though it's been 4 months since my last update, it's always kind of hard to think of what you need to let people know.  There really is nothing go goodbye! OK OK, I do need to add something so let's start with winter.  What a lovely winter we're snow (thank God) and not overly cold.  Is this really Canada or what? Now after saying that I bet we'll get a foot of snow overnight and people will be lining up outside my door to kick my butt.

In music, I want to know who are Macy Gray and Susan Tedeschi? Two people I've never heard of before and they're nominated for Grammy awards...and I thought I heard it all, especially after seeing that new Tommy Lee video and song "Get Naked"...what's the deal with him and his carcass? He's as tired as seeing Dennis Rodman or hearing about Puff Daddy and his stolen gun.

Here are some random things you should know:

your; adj. possessive form of you.  1- of or belonging to you: Wash your hands. 2- having to do with you: We enjoyed your visit. 3- that you know; well-known; that you speak of; that is spoken of: your real lover of music, your average voter. 4- Your is used as part of some titles: Your Lordship, Your Highness, Your Honour, Mayor Jones.
you're; you are.

dork; n. a dull, stupid person: Stokeley spends most of his life in the office of a therapist who is trying to put the kid in touch with his childhood, "I'm only 10 years old, you dork," Stokeley tells him (Maclean's). [origin unknown]

Just thought I'd be helpful since someone "had" to pick on my grammar not too long ago, even though it was just a slip!

If someone has dual citizenship with Canada and the US, can they legally take 2 Thanksgivings?

How does one choose between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the Grammy's? For me I'm hoping it's a tie, hehe...never mind that Sarah McLachlan is also nominated in there too.  The only one out of place in that category is Madonna.  Why you ask? Well there's 2 Canadians nominated and two cuties, yet somehow it wouldn't be a shock to see the one person I don't want win end up picking up the award, hehe.
It's also nice to see Alice In Chains finally nominated once again in the Best Hard Rock Performance, though I'm cheering for Metallica...but who's going to vote against Korn for some reason? I would but the insiders I'm sure won't.  And what's with Motorhead singing Enter Sandman and getting nominated?

Is it just me or does watching the Buffalo Sabres make you also want to puke? On second thought, anything that has to do with Buffalo is puke time...though I think I've mentioned that before at some point.

Maple Leafs/Canadiens 1999-2000 mid-season report:
                                    CONF. STAND    GP    W     L    T    RT    PTS     GF    GA    HOME    ROAD
Toronto Maple Leafs               1st              40    24    12    4     2       54     122     92    18-4-2      6-8-2
Montreal Canadiens               12th             39   12     22    5    1       30       85    103    5-11-3     7-11-2

Doesn't that look sweet?? HA!! to all you Habs fans out there! And we're just 1 point back of Detroit for tops overall.  You just have to feel proud after such misery in the 80s.

One thing about having that nasty road salt all over your car, it turns every car into a moving billboard, perfect for those little practical jokes you can play on those that deserve it.  And it's fun when they don't know about it and find it strange that people are honking their horns at them as they drive.  But the best reaction is when you see them the next time and they're all cussing because of a few innocent comments, hehe...right Wolf? and Big Eye?

Anybody have any suggestions on songs that are worth checking out? I'm so in need of finding new stuff lately.

Why doesn't any of this seem too funny today? Am I losing my touch or something? Or is it that we're in the post holiday blues? Who knows...maybe when I update again in the next 4 months things will be different, ha...just kidding! They won't be different, ha!

Alright, time to shimmy on over to something much work and I don't know where to begin.  If only someone would be a good girl and do as I requested in the past to help out, ha!

That's for real B, cuz All I Got Is 15 Minutes...