Sunday, December 17th, 2000: OK, so it's been over a month now between entries, get over it!

I thought, since we're approaching that time of the year where you get all those year-end highlights, I would create my own list, so here goes...

I want, I want! I WANT IT...NO! IT'S MINE! award...George W. Bush battling Al Gore for something we don't care about anymore

Election that only took hours to declare a winner from the opening of the polls to the closing...Canadian election 2000

Best band that brought swearing into the mainstream this year...Limp Bizkit with My Generation

The undisputed snow capital of the planet...Buffalo, NY

Money-hungry-gutted-whores...Alex Rodriguez and Manny I sense a trend with names ending in Z? Is Juan Valdez next?

Number of times I was zapped/electrocuted this year...0

174...the number of videotapes I currently have, including pre-recorded ones

258...the number of cds I currently have that I can see

What were they thinking?...Jermaine Jackson and his wife naming their son Jermajesty. Then again, having a brother by the name of Michael Jackson explains everything

Most anticipated book release by kids and adults around the world...J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Band breakup over the idea that if you're not a boy band, you can't exist in the music world...Smashing Pumpkins

Most interesting and entertaining movie to me...Gladiator

TV show I use to watch and liked but kept forgetting this season because of the new date and now don't care if I see it or not...Fraiser

Most entertaining reality-based show...Survivor, despite having to see Richard naked and listening to Susan, that husky woman

Copycat reality-based show that flopped and had more people tuned out than in...Big Brother

Sporting spectacle that people didn't seem to care about...tie between the World Series featuring both NY teams and the Summer Olympics

Band least likely guessed as being the ones to dethrone the Backstreet Boys from the number one position on Billboard in 2000...The Beatles

Biggest "bust" of the year...Anna Nicole Smith losing her court battle to collect $2 billion, but "settling" for $450 million from her late 90 year old husband's (she's was 32 at the time of his death), J. Howard Marshall, estate

It took 14 years, but gosh darnit, we've succeeded...the shutting down of the Chernobyl Nuclear reactors after it caused the world's worst nuclear accident and it's radiation infected nearly three and a half million people

Number of times I've shoveled snow this winter and hated it...2

Number of times I've shoveled snow this winter and loved it...0

Songs that should get more airplay...Love, Hate, Love- Alice in Chains, Change- Deftones, anything by the Matthew Good Band

Computer virus' I've had this year...0

Computer virus' I've had in the last 4 years...1

Celebrities/noteworthy people that found their way to jail/charged/detained by police...Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy, Robert Downey Jr., Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Tonya Harding, Darryl Strawberry, Eminem

TV personality that we're so very happy to see go...Kathie Lee Gifford

Most interesting e-book I read...Stephen King's Ride the Bullet

Saddest passing of the year...Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz at the age of 77

Comeback of the year? I think not...Carlos Santana's Supernatural. How can you go wrong with having big name artists singing songs and slapping your name on the cover and win comeback artist of the year? If I could get Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Sarah McLachlan, Garth Brooks, Christina Aguilera, Sisqo, Eminem and 'N Sync to contribute and sing songs for my album, maybe I can win New Artist of the Year!

Number of cactus' I bought for my window...2

Number of cactus' currently remaining and growing from the original batch...2

Number of times I've married Darva Conger...0

Number of times I've been a multi-millionaire...0

TV show my girl turned me onto...Will & Grace

Game I can't beat Rachel at...Literati

Worst online purchase from a company in the US experience...buying 4 posters and having the total, including shipping and taxes, come up to around $65, and ending up paying over $130 after the wonderful people at Canada Customs decided to reassess the value of the posters and impose their outrageous judgment and charge duty based on that

I so want to destroy that cd...Nelly's Country Grammar

People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2000...Brad Pitt. He also won the "award" in 1995, leading me to wonder what happened from 1996-1999? Wasn't he still sexy then? Was he not alive during that time? By the name of the "award", the only way to lose that title is to no longer be alive or to become unsexy. If you become unsexy, how do you become sexy once again? Apparently Brad Pitt can go from being sexy one year, to not being sexy for the next 4 years, then become sexy once again...this "award" confuses me

Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2000...George W. Bush. What did this guy do to deserve Person of the Year? Somehow I think Al Gore would have won this title had he won the election, leading me to ask this question...who cares?

Number of year end lists I've made to date, including this one...1